• 6 Reasons for Small Businesses to Outsource Their Accounting

    As a small business owner, your time is precious and is often limited. Trying to find and maintain a reliable, trusted employee to take care of your finances may not be feasible, and you’re worried that you’re running out of options. But, one option you may have not considered is to use a reputable outsourced…

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    Why Your Small Business Needs Clean-Up Accounting Services

    accountant and small business owner

    As a small-business owner, you’re used to calling the shots and managing all aspects of your business. But, at times, wearing many hats can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to the finances of your business.  At Norton Financials, we’re passionate about helping small business owners focus on growing their business, while we handle the…

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    End-Of-Year, Tax Season Accounting Guide

    The year is almost coming to an end, and as of January 1, we will be in tax season. If your business runs on a calendar year, have you been keeping your books up-to-date and preparing your tax documents?  We all know how important business planning is, but it’s easy to put off these critical…

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    Client Refusing to Pay?

    Angry businessman is calling about quickbooks

    Being in business has many rewards.  We needn’t tell you that but due to the subject matter, it’s always good to remember why you started your business – because it’s rewarding! But entrepreneurship also has its annoyances, like when a client won’t pay up.  You’ve done your best to get that invoice paid.  You’ve sent…

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    Why Must I Document Deductions?

    Bookkeeping notes, credit cards, the calculator, a ball pen

    It’s about that time – tax time!  That means it’s time to make sure you’ve got everything you need to file a return that’s coherent and fully documented. If you’re planning on claiming a deduction, then corresponding documentation must be attached to your return.  If you can’t prove the deduction, then you open yourself up…

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    Tax Changes to Expect in 2019

    Accounting for Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Buttons With US Flag

    The new changes to federal income tax regulations are the most monolithic in over 30 years. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed at the end of 2017 by Congress, encompasses over 600 changes. While tax season usually starts at the end of January, this year’s tax season has been heavily impacted by the recently…

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    Your 2019 Taxes: What You Need to Know About the Tax Reform Bill

    Tax letters on a calculator

    Breaking out in a cold sweat at tax time is nothing new and you’re certainly not alone.  But this year’s a little special, with the new Tax Reform Bill. We’re offering this post about your 2019 taxes:  what you need to know about the Tax Reform Bill, so you can come out the other side…

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    Source Documents Provide Accounting Paper Trails

    Businesswoman is bookkeeping

    Your accounting practices are vital to the success of your business.  When you don’t get them right, there can be problems.  And source documents provide accounting paper trails which ensure that you know exactly what’s coming in and going out. Source documents like canceled checks and receipts need to be retained in a coherent manner…

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    What to Look for in a Bookkeeping Service for Your Business

    Bookkeeper and accountant analyzing quickbooks on computer

    You may look at the title of this blog and see just one more business expense.  But there are so many advantages to hiring a bookkeeping service and one of them, you’ll be pleased to hear, is reducing your costs. But hiring a bookkeeping service that delivers is what you’re after.  So, this post is…

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