Why Your Small Business Needs Clean-Up Accounting Services

As a small-business owner, you’re used to calling the shots and managing all aspects of your business. But, at times, wearing many hats can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to the finances of your business.

At Norton CPA, LLC, we’re passionate about helping small business owners focus on growing their business, while we handle the accounting and it all starts with a clean slate. To figure out where you have gone wrong with your records, you may need to consult with an accountant and invest in clean-up accounting services.

Determining If You Have a Problem

Before you have a professional accountant look over the books, you may have already started to see inconsistencies. Businesses that have incomplete or messy accounting records, may already know that issues need to be addressed. But, others with minor discrepancies or less obvious issues may not understand the root cause.

Some common signs can include:

  • Errors in your general ledger
  • Bank fees or penalties
  • Inconsistencies in customer or vendor invoices
  • Missing retained earnings
  • Negative cash or credit balances
  • Confusing business loan records
  • Unaccounted interest on cash or credit accounts

And the list of inconsistencies goes on, and they all mean that somewhere in your books something isn’t correct.

Inexperience with Quickbooks & Xero Accounting

While accounting software like Quickbooks or Xero accounting is made to make accounting easier for small businesses, it may not always be used correctly or to its full potential. Having an accountant help you maintain these softwares and stay on the right track with your books.

Why a Clean-Up Accounting Service Helps

Outsourcing an accountant to either handle your financial records or for a one-time clean-up service can help you mitigate losses, save time, and avoid fines or penalties.

An accountant can help you:

  • Identify problems in current or past financial records
  • Ensure that proper accounting regulations and procedures are being followed for your industry
  • Make sure that your accounting software is being implemented correctly or is converted correctly (such as moving from Xero accounting to QuickBooks or vice versa)
  • Train your employees on how to keep the books clean moving forward

Need Clean-Up Accounting Services in NJ?

Norton CPA, LLC, in Clark, NJ has the years of experience and knowledge needed to help get your books back on track. To learn more about our clean-up accounting services, give our office a call today at (201) 988-6806.

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