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  • Catch-Up Accounting for Small Businesses in New Jersey

    Serving Greater Union City, Hoboken, Jersey City & All Surrounding Areas

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    Many businesses find themselves running behind on bookkeeping because their main focus is running their business. However, staying up to date with your accounting and bookkeeping plays a main role in growing your business. Here at Norton Financials, we have experience with outsourcing our accounting for businesses throughout New Jersey.  To learn more about our catch-up accounting services, please give our office in Union City a call today at (201) 988-6806.

    Why Your Business Needs Catch-Up Accounting Services

    The process of catch-up accounting including reviewing historic accounting, bookkeeping, and all financial activities to get your books back on track.  

    Catch up accounting is crucial for start-ups and long-standing companies that are experiencing issues with bookkeeping or accounting. Inaccurate reporting can lead to bad decision-making. If your profit is reported too low, you can undervalue your business. If you report your profit as too high, consequences can be high tax liability.

    The Process of Catch-Up Accounting

    Norton Financials is an outsourced accounting and bookkeeping company serving Union City and throughout New Jersey. We are experts in advising small businesses on the best practices and processes to keep your financial records aligned with your business model and we can help you catch-up on your books when inconsistencies arise.

    Getting Started

    When you work with Norton Financials, we’ll start by understanding the state of your company’s books and we’ll define a catch-up period. This period will depend on how long the accounting records have been inconsistent. We’ll collect all necessary receipts, invoices, tax documents, business expenses, payroll information and documentation related to transactions. 

    Our accountant will identify where the problem areas are and what the plan of action is. We’ll determine if your accounts payable and received is updated. During this time, it’s also important to check your bank reconciliations and make sure your business transactions match your bank statements. 

    Consulting on Quickbooks & Xero Accounting

    Our accountants also specialize in Quickbooks and Xero Accounting. We can update your software so that you can utilize the most recent features and correct any inconsistencies within your accounting records.

    Learn More About Our Catch-Up Accounting Services

    Trying to catch-up on your books? Norton Financials can analyze your books and help you take care of any inconsistencies. To schedule a consultation today, give us a call at (201) 988-6806

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