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  • Tried and True Tips for Fixing Your Business’s Cash Flow Problems

    Cash flow concept image

    Money waxes and wanes.  Like the tides, it comes in and goes out and sometimes, the tide leaves you high and dry – just surviving. Cash flow problems are a normal phenomenon when you’re doing business.  But you can fix the problem with some smart tweaks to stop them having their way with your business.…

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    QuickBooks Online vs Desktop: Which Is Right for You?

    Questioning which QuickBooks version is best

    In a recent post, we discussed the fact that QuickBooks for Mac’s desktop version is being phased out, effective May 31, 2019.  On that date, availability to tech support and other features for desktop users will no longer exist, as Intuit moves operations for that operating system to its cloud-based QuickBooks Online product. As for…

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    QuickBooks for Mac: Best Options in 2018

    QuickBooks for Mac

    Uh-oh!  QuickBooks for Mac is being discontinued.  For those of you using QuickBooks for Mac 2016 (the most recent version), you’ll still be in business until May 31, 2019.  After that, you’ll need to make a change. QuickBooks moves online at that point, with Simple Start, Essentials and Plus versions to choose from.  So, don’t…

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    10 QuickBooks & Bookkeeping Processes You Need to Learn | Norton Financials

    QuickBooks booking processes header image

    Keeping a clean record of financial activity can be a tedious process, but it’s important for every business. An organized accounting department helps business owners keep a close watch on expenses, which can drastically enhance spending habits. Clean books also provides business owners with reliable financial data, which can help serve as a guide for…

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