• Which Accounting Period is Right for My Business?

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    Perhaps you have just started a new business and you’re wondering how to choose the right accounting year for your business. Basically, there are two kinds of tax years: the fiscal tax year and the regular calendar year. The choice of your accounting year will significantly affect your accounting strategy and business taxes as you…

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    Top Payroll Service for Small Businesses

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    Contrary to what many people think, payroll is not a simple bookkeeping function or an annoyance that business owners or accountants have to take care of every month. It plays a crucial role in attracting, motivating and retaining employees. If miscalculation leads to errors, employees may become demoralized and dissatisfied. Errors in calculation aren’t the…

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    Small Business Accounting: Accrual vs. Cash Methods

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    When it comes to managing your business’ books, one of the most important decisions to make is choosing which accounting method to use. Thankfully, there are only two options: accrual accounting and cash-basis accounting. While cash accounting recognizes expenses and revenues only when money changes hands, accrual accounting recognizes expenses when they’re billed and revenue…

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    How to Find a QuickBooks ProAdvisor

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    A Quickbooks ProAdvisor is an independent accounting professional who undertakes certification requirements of the software and can provide strategic insights to drive small business success.  He/she is someone who is intimate with all the functionalities of the Quickbooks accounting software system. Since many Quickbook users don’t possess the accounting experience, the Quickbooks ProAdvisor can help…

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    How to Read Financial Statements

    Understanding financial statements is a great skill to have as a business owner. The numbers can tell you a lot when they’re subject to expert analysis. But when you’re a busy entrepreneur, your plate already good and full.  You don’t always have time to track performance, or for the kind of data analysis you need…

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    10 QuickBooks & Bookkeeping Processes You Need to Learn | Norton Financials

    Keeping a clean record of financial activity can be a tedious process, but it’s important for every business. An organized accounting department helps business owners keep a close watch on expenses, which can drastically enhance spending habits. Clean books also provides business owners with reliable financial data, which can help serve as a guide for…

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    Creating A Projection For Your Small Business

    Why Create A Projection? Forecasting revenue & expenses for the year is crucial for your small business. Projections serve as a yardstick, which helps business owners plan and budget as the year progresses. The goal is to estimate Income & expenses for each month of the year. Once this is laid out, you will get…

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    Bookkeeping Tips for 2018

    Choose an Accounting Software (QuickBooks vs. Xero Accounting) If you haven’t already done so, you need to choose which accounting software to use in order to track your business finances for the new year. Two of the most popular options are QuickBooks Online and Xero Accounting. Click the links for further pricing & features on each.…

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    Small Business Bookkeeping & Financial Analysis

    Norton Financials is Hoboken, New Jersey’s source for Small Business Bookkeeping. The numbers can tell you a lot when they’re subject to expert analysis.  But when you’re a busy entrepreneur, your plate is already good and full.  You don’t always have time to track your company’s progress and success. Servicing existing clients and bringing in…

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